Legal Rights

Supreme Court of India thesis

Research on The Supreme Court of India

Research on the Supreme Court of India There is a huge economic and trade relationship between India and China, and it is an important country along the “Belt and Road” and one of the R...

Legal environment in India

Indian Legal Environment and Investment Practices

Law Environment of India and Investment Practice 1. Overview of India India is one of the four ancient civilizations and the largest country in the South Asian subcontinent, with a land area of ​​2.98...

Law on Goods and Indian Ports and Demurrage

Indian Ports Cannot Impose Storage Fees and Demurrage says Supreme Court

Supreme Court of India: Indian ports have no right to impose storage fees and demurrage on abandoned goods   According to media, the P&I Club Gard has recently received many reports of abandoned o...

Laws and Legal Systems in India

Evaluation of the Indian legal system

How to evaluate the Indian legal system? Because learning needs to understand the Indian legal system, especially the commercial legal system. We hope there are great gods who can popularize IndiaR...

Indian laws pertaining to child marriages

Indian Child Marriage System and Society

  Indian Society from the perspective of Indian Child Marriage System I remember that when I was studying abroad in India, I once did a credit-based essay. Since it was a topic selected by the sc...

Troubles with Indian Judiciary and the judicial system

Problems of Indian Judicial System and Judiciary

  Difficulties faces by the Indian Judicial System and Judiciary India is a country with diverse cultures. It not only has a long tradition of caste legal system represented by the Code of Manu, ...

RTI complaint draft against the CPIO's response

Sample Complaint Draft under the RTI Act 2005

Complaint Specimen Format under the Right to Information Act 2005 with the CIC (Central Information Commission)   To   The Deputy Registrar Central Information Commission August Kranti Bhawan, Bh...

Image for Right to Information Act 2005

Right to Information Act 2005

  Copy of RTI Act 2005 (Right to Information Act 2005)   REGISTERED NO. DL—(N)04m007a003–05         PART H — Section 1   PUBLISHED BY AUTHORI1Y No. 25J NEW DELHI, TUESDAY, JUNE21, 2005/JYAI...

System of Indian Laws

Law System India

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