Sample Complaint Draft under the RTI Act 2005

RTI complaint draft against the CPIO's response

Complaint Specimen Format under the Right to Information Act 2005 with the CIC (Central Information Commission)




The Deputy Registrar

Central Information Commission

August Kranti Bhawan, Bhikaji Kama Place

North Delhi-110066




Subject:- Complaint under the RTI Act 2005 of CPIO at the Central Vigilance Commission.


NOTE: A similar complaint petition has already been filed with the CIC in a similar response by the Central Vigilance Commission’s CPIO but this complaint is for different petition.


Complaint: I made an RTI petition with the CPIO of Department of Personnel & Training dated 13/01/20– on 18/01/20–, received by the APIO at the General Post Office at Lucknow. The petition was transferred along with others, also to the CPIO, Central Vigilance Commission vide letter dated 05/02/20– ref. no. 2/2/20—RTIC/00—. The CPIO of the Central Vigilance Commission Mr. Ajay Kanoujia previously responded vide his letter dated 20/02/2018 ref. no. CVC/RTI/17/—–*****- denying all information by absurdly applying clause 7(9) of the RTI Act, which clearly appears it is to suppress information pertaining to corruption. (Copy attached).  Same response was agin recieved vide letter no. CVC/RTI/10-*–/3—— dated 06/03/20– (Copy attached).


There were 6 questions asked and all are pertaining to corruption, and as clause 24 is a part and parcel of the RTI Act the information should have been given duly under that even if it was attempted to be suppressed. The excuse that the CPIO has made is totally absurd as he says that this would proportionately divert resources. This is never possible. The CVC should already have complied information on such instances as asked in the RTI petition as attached, which is self explanatory. If they do not have such information in due form, this means they have not done their work properly and deliberately attempted to suppress information. As under the RTI Act they should provide all information that they should have duly created, they should perform their duty and furnish information right away.


Further, if any trifle expenses are incurred in doing their work in a legitimate fashion so that the information is available to the seeker in a sue manner, they are worth incurring it. As if CVC like institution will suppress information like this, then with so much corruption in India, all will follow same suit, and the RTI Act will get nullified and at all legal instances, as evident here as well, information will of course be suppressed with reference of this CVC. Kindly refer to “Exemplary petition” as cited in the index. This will lead the country in eternal darkness and absolute rule of corruption will persist as the dismal situation has been created by such conduct of hiding information pertaining to corruption. Thus, as this trifle expenditure can save lakhs of crores of rupees for the nation, it must be done and the CVC should maintain its dignity by being transparent, as we need to prove to the United Nations and entities like the World Bank, IMF etc. that there is law and order, anti-corruption measures and human rights in this country. We cannot damage this whole large country in interest of few corrupt elements burdening us.


There is also an example of an RTI petition that got no response from them about an ID made to file online complaints against te corrupt bank staff creating NPAs and turning down deserving credit petitions deserving by law. Due to this the corrupt bank staff is still enjoying leisure and no action against them and they are progressing in tie rlives with the same corruption unfazed and the result is organized crime like farmers, labourers, traders suicide, etc. The exemplary RTI petition and complaint filed with the CIC in this regard has been attached, referred to as “Exemplary petition of the  CVC CPIOs misconduct ” in the index.



Office Address of the Organization and the CPIO:

Central Vigilance Commission

Satarkta Bhawan, ‘Block A’

GPO Complex, INA




Relief Sought: 


1. Impose penalty on the CPIO, CVC per the provisions of the RTI Act.


2. Order the CVC to give full information as asked.


3. As I am a well known social worker and business man and immense trouble has been caused to me along with business damages as some legal procedures were hurdled which I had locus in as I was about to get business contracts but the firms could not take off in want of credit from the banks due to corruption, and the culprits have considered it easy to avoid information seemingly through their hold on the CVC. The CVC itself proving itself corrupt-pro. I have got information that even whistle blower complaints are being destroyed by the CVC after some procedure on the way. Thus, the minimum compensation to be paid to me for the damages and troubles and for better efforts in future minimum Rs. 50,00,000 (Fifty lakh rupees) should be paid to me as no lesser than this should be expected for a social worker as well as a business man under any grounds, else it would deter any citizen like me seeking information and we will have to accept the rule of corruption.



Thanking you,


PFA as in INDEX of this Complaint petition file











The Deputy Director

Central Information Commission

August Kranti Bhawan, Bhikaji Kama Place

North Delhi-110066


Complaint petition against CPIO, Central Vigilance Commission

—————————                (Petitioner)

Flat No.53, Gogo Appartment, Fullerton Compound, Cozy Road, Bikaoi–2222222| Ph.: 91-9——–|| E: ————


 Mr. Ajay Kanoujia           (Respondent)

CPIO Central Vigilance Commission

Satarkta Bhawan, Block-A, GPO Complex, INA New Delhi-110023



Index of Complaint under the RTI Act 2005





Sr. No.      Particulars                                                                                                    Pg. Nos.

1.         Complaint petition under RTI Act 20005                                                             1-4       

2.        Current response of the CPIO, CVC to the RTI petition                                     5-6

3.        Letter of RTI forwarding by DOPT to the CVC                                                  7-8

4.        RTI petition to the DOPT                                                                                           9

5.        Exemplary petition of CVC CPIOs misconduct                                                 10-14

6.         Identity Proof of the Complainant                                                                           15










The Central Information Commission                                           CIC BhawanBaba Gang Nath MargNear Staff Quarters        Old JNU CampusMunirkaNew DelhiDelhi 110067


In the matter of:

————-                (Petitioner)

——————-|| Ph.: 91————-|| E: —————————–


 Mr. ———           (Respondent)

CPIO Central Vigilance Commission

Satarkta Bhawan, Block-A, GPO Complex, INA New Delhi-110023



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