After completing MBA in India, should I join LLB?

After completing the MBA program in India, should I join the Bachelor of Laws?

From a program point of view, you can definitely join LLB:


As of now (August 2020), there is no upper age limit for the 3-year or 5-year Bachelor of Laws program. (BCI’s previous notice to impose the age limit has been shelved by the court.)

If you have completed graduation (10 + 2 + 3 or 10 + 2 + 4) and require a minimum score (depending on the university)-you can register for LLB courses at any university.


From a professional perspective:

If you are willing to spend the time, energy and money to complete a law degree, then obtaining this degree is a good qualification.


With the increasing globalization and the complexity of business and life, the opportunities for legal professionals are growing significantly in all sectors. Therefore, MBA + LLB will be a good academic qualification.


Which is better-Symbiosis, Pune or Amity Noida in BBA LLB?

I am 52 years old and want to continue studying for a Bachelor of Laws. Is there an age bar to pursue and practice this year?

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The Bachelor of Laws also allows you to start practicing as an independent lawyer at any time in the future-even if you quit your job or quit company life (you must pass AIBE)


Summary: From a program point of view, you can study LLB after MBA, and the decision will depend on what you want to achieve through LLB.


India lacks high-quality legal professionals, so there will always be opportunities.


But remember, as a newly graduated student, you will basically start in a new field with no experience (unless you can somehow use your past experience and show it as relevant).


According to the decision of the Legal Education Committee, the upper age limit may be changed in the future, and the basis will be based on the results of the submitted request for age restrictions.


Do we have to get a bachelor’s degree for law education program?

If you are interested in the 3-year LLB program, you must have 10 + 2 + 3. It just means that you should graduate, whether you are an art graduate, that is, a BA or a business graduate, that is, Bcom.

The graduation process does not matter. The standard for making laws before is that you must graduate. They believe that you must have the maturity and reliability of graduate students to understand the law and study.

Today, you can even participate in the 5-year legal process, because graduation does not require you to write a legal entrance like a comet after the 12th standard. And I want to tell you that many people have this kind of confusion as to whether they can continue to study for a master of law after graduating from other processes than law. Because we can get an MBA degree after graduating from any process.

Although both MBA and LLM are graduate degrees, to do LLM, you must have an LLB degree different from MBA, and you do not need a BBA degree to study for MBA.


Hope the answer is helpful.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the five-year comprehensive law course (BLS LLB / BA LLB) during the three-year LL.B course?

The advantages and disadvantages of the two degrees are as follows:


In the 5-year course, you will save one year of academic performance. No matter what law school you study, nothing can beat practical experience. Many lawyers will guarantee that during your practice, you can only study 10-20% of the law school and let you study.

Saving 1 year of academic performance will always help you start your career as early as possible.

The number of legal essays you can study in 5 years far exceeds that of a three-year course (at least 7-10 essays).

Give you more time to establish and focus on extracurricular activities, such as MUN, moot court, client consulting, and internships.

You can do more internships. (Internships in general courses are not common).

Only the problems I found in the 5-year course are the maturity of the students. Since the average age of first-year students in the comprehensive course is between 17 and 19 years old, the maturity of understanding the intricacies of society and the application of laws may not be the first year of the 3-year program. At least 20-21 years old.

Many people in the 5-year program drop out of school or leave after 1-2 years of their professional career, because many people follow the advice of their parents or do not understand his/her preferences.

If you are not sure about your current interests, you may suggest taking a three-year course.


Which is the best course, B.COM LLB, BA LLB or LLB (HONS)?

They are all. It all depends on your choices and interests, as I have always said.


If you want two degrees and are not completely sure of law as a graduate first graduate then LLB. I personally think this is very good, because at first you will focus entirely on Bcom or BA subjects, and then you will focus on law subjects in the next three years, although it will take you another year to choose a comprehensive course.


Otherwise, please choose BA LLB or BCom LLB or BBA LLB or B.Sc LLB. Now, if you are confused about BA, BBA, BCom or B.Sc, I suggest you make a choice based on your future plans. Just like you are interested in becoming a corporate lawyer, go to the BBA Bachelor of Laws. For practice and academics, BA LLB will be very helpful.


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wish all the best. Hope it helps.



How to apply for Mumbai Government Law School, ILS PUNE and DU are LLB?

In the 2016-17 school year, admission to GLC Mumbai and ILS Law College Pune will pass MAH-CET. You know that the exam is going well. Your worry is unnecessary, because the form has not yet come out. The form will be available online. The same is true for DU LLB (the form is not yet as of April 25, 2016).

DU is adding more test centers, and the committee is deciding on this issue, which is why it took so much time. Therefore, the form will come out soon. You can apply for DU LLB online.


According to the official notice, a 3-year MAH-CET form LLB will be provided from May 10, 2016 to May 23, 2016, and the examination will be held on June 19, 2016. Visit the GLC Mumbai website once.

In the upper right corner, you will get all the information about MAH-CET. Link to the official schedule: –


In addition, MAH-CET is a common entrance exam to enter the University of Maharashtra. Therefore, whether it is GLC Mumbai, ILS Law School Pune or any other school in Maharashtra, there will be a common written test. Follow the cut-off mark and you will be assigned a university. Therefore, please complete an official notification and your question will be answered.


So don’t panic ?


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wish all the best! !


Please note if you have not read it.


The MH Cet form will be available from May. The exam will be conducted online on June 18.


Therefore, the exam will be applied to any five- or three-year law course at almost all universities in the state.


Universities like Symbiosis and NM have their own entrance exams.



Between NLIU BHOPAL and NLUJ, is this a better place to learn BA LLB?

Answered: What is Ayush Srivastava’s answer to the advantages and disadvantages of NLU Bhopal and NLU Jodhpur? What should I choose?


I am currently a student of Jodhpur National School of Legislation (NLU J), but I promise I will make an objective assessment.


Okay, which one should you choose? My suggestion is NLU, Jodhpur.


My reason:


Do we have to get a bachelor’s degree for the law degree?

I am an 11th grade business student. I am interested in doing LLB or MBA. what should I do?

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In the past few years, NLU Jodhpur has truly taken over NLIU, Bhopal in all aspects.

Since you are mainly looking for job opportunities, NLU J will be a good choice (not that you can’t get a job from NLIU). However, it is worthy to suggest to choose NLU J because it is better than NLIU with various other parameters.


jobs :

The placement record of the last batch (2016) is excellent. Most of the students who participated in the placement were arranged. In fact, most of the 2017 batches that will graduate next year have already obtained employment opportunities. In fact, the 2017 OEM record is better than the previous batch.

The vacation plans for the offices of Linklaters LLP and Herbert Smith Freehills LLP have also been submitted to batch students in 2017.



In addition to placement, the most important factor you can judge the quality of law school students is chatter. Moreover, no other university can beat NLU J in the vote. It may be the best university in terms of inspiring culture, various imitative achievements, and imitating records that every other university would envy.


Great predecessors:

For any university, not just a law school, a very important thing is the elderly. They are friendly, helpful or ordinary self-qualified. I’m not saying that the elderly at NLIU or other law schools are not helpful or whatever.

However, when you come to NLU J, you will witness a completely different relationship between high school and junior. Different, because there is nothing like juniors here.

When the old man was sitting in his chair, I saw a junior student sleeping on his old man’s bed. I often lie on my old man’s bed when I talk to him, and he often sits in a chair. They don’t mind. In some cases, a junior is closer to his predecessors than some of his classmates.


Whether in academic or extracurricular activities, they will provide you with miles of help. They will teach you any topics you don’t understand, help with your harassment, check your memorial draft, your oral round (if they don’t have time, they will ask you to come late at night, but they will make sure they take your round). They will advise you on your internship, essay writing and anything they have any ideas.

Even knock on the door at 2 o’clock in the evening and they will help you. If you do something wrong, they will scold you, but this is because they want you to do well.

My elderly care about me more than I personally. I learned the format from the elderly. If I know how to research and draft, it is because of my elderly. Even if they graduate, they will record what you are doing.


Independent single room:

This may seem boring, but it is a very important factor. From the first year, you will get a single-seat room. Having a single-seat room is a big blessing, because you have your own privacy.

In a shared room, you may want to study late at night, but your friends want to sleep, and vice versa, which may cause some “disagreements”. If not, you can watch your favorite “video” quietly: p

In addition, unlike many other universities, you do not need to change your room every year, so you can avoid the hassle of transferring rooms every year. In addition, you can use almost any electronic device in your room, TV, refrigerator, cooler/room dehumidifier, oven, induction and so on.

In addition, the entire floor can pool funds to purchase washing machines.


Rigorous academic schedule:

Each subject has 4 exams, as well as project/mid-term and final exams.

In addition, we also provide court practice (CREs) for legal subjects (only NLU can do this. Think of CRE as a mini story). In addition, we have a 70% attendance requirement to ensure that you take enough courses.

Having said that, there is nothing you can do for the whole semester, just study enough.



However, the answer is very general. NLIU will have the same.

We have a well-equipped library, well-equipped gymnasium, first-class sports facilities, cricket field, football field (probably the best football field any NLU may have), badminton field, TT, basketball, volleyball

And, when I saw Sanjay Krishna agree with this answer, it shocked me. We also have a great lawn tennis court.


Party etc.:

Yes, I forgot to mention this. Ask any RGNUL or AIL, Mohali student to come to our event, Yuvardha or NH-65, what is the “party culture” of NLU J. The subsequent parties of Yuvardha and NH 65 are famous in all aspects of law school.

In any case, we have enough parties throughout the year.

Various nights organized by the Cultural Committee, such as Dandiya Night, Lohri, etc., can help you get rid of the rigorous academic schedule. Film screenings are organized by the Cultural Committee once a week or every two weeks.


Great alumni base and good industry reputation:

We have a great alumni base, from staff in New York company to LLP in London, and working in most well-known companies in Geneva and India.

The people who interned with me told me that some elderly people also told me that we have a high reputation in the legal profession, whether it is a company or a lawyer.

Our recent national survey conducted by the international brand consultant IBC InfoMedia was awarded the first brand of legal education in India in 2016, which reflects our good reputation.


2016 student Abhijay Negi won the Best Law Student Award in a national competition organized by the Association of Indian Law Firms (SILF) and Menon Legal Advocacy Training Institute (MILAT) last year.


In general, most people may suggest you join NLU, Jodhpur in a very fair and neutral way.


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